Making TeamWear TeamWork.
Client Price.
The client price is set.  The formula and magic happens behind the scenes to give you an approximate cost to the client at a 24 piece minimum.  Yep, this is our absolute minimum.   Keep in mind, the minimum is determined by LOGO not by apparel item.
Suggested Store Price.
This price is determined by the level of fundraising profit the client decides works for them.  As the fundraising percentage increases, so does the store price AND the client profit.  And yes, you can certainly round the suggested store price to the nearest dollar.
Estimated Client Profit.
The client profit fluctuates in tandem with the suggested store price.  The final profit margin is determined when the campaign closes and the reconciliation is complete.  You decide what you want to make, and then the prices are set to make sure you succeed!
Your TeamWear store awaits.
Let's do this!


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