And so it begins

And so it begins

Welcome to whalehook!  So, a sales guy and a marketing girl walk into a bar…  Alright, it didn’t really happen like that, but the sales guy and marketing girl part are right.  The sales guy, we’ll call him John (mostly because that’s his name) and the marketing girl worked together in the nonprofit space, helping organizations increase revenue through peer to peer fundraising for their causes.  The two connected, post nonprofit, and started discussing a way on how to use their talents, expertise, and passion for community together.  whalehook was born.  

New Idea

How do we make branded merchandise for companies and organizations available online?  How do provide accessibility for Enterprise as well as SMB’s?  What can we do to provide innovation and creativity in the world of advertising specialities?  Can our passion for creative merchandising infuse current branding practices and provide a disruption in the ‘logo-latency’ world of current merch?  We found partners and solutions.  We partnered up and set out to conquer the world (okay, maybe a little over zealous, but you get the picture).

New Design

whalehook was built as a creative agency with a customer-centric mindset.  The challenges our clients face shape our operations.  We developed as a full-service studio creating strategy, design, and production across all advertising specialities.  We specialize in marketing communications, project strategy, ecommerce websites, and branded merchandise to create visual brand recognition.

We love what we do.  We want to know your frustrations and limitations, and welcome the opportunity to collaborate to find a solution together.  whalehook is ours.  It is a company built on the needs of the market, and our ingenuity and passion dynamically impact your role in the marketplace.

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