Who we are and what we're about.


whalehook is a creative agency based in Richmond, Virginia.  We are a full-service studio creating strategy, design, and production across all visual advertising specialities.  We specialize in marketing communications, project strategy, ecommerce websites, and branded merchandise to create visual brand recognition.  

Product Design

When we think about product design, it’s usually limited to styling. We think about giving shape to a shell, and not giving much attention and thought about what’s inside, what gives it life. It’s so much more though. It’s about gathering information, encompassing all the high-level thinking designers do when they come up with a problem-solving idea on how they can make something better. This is us.  It's not just your logo on a cup - it's what makes you special, what you stand for, and where you're headed.

eCommerce Design

We provide an online tool to help you get access to custom merchandise and online ordering.  You can build an engaging page or site (or we can build it for you!) to successfully help you raise money, raise awareness, and promote your brand. It's super easy and you're in control. Simply tell your story, customize it with your logo, colors, photos, and videos, and you're on your way to celebrate your passion.  We're here to help you grow.

The shirts looked absolutely amazing and the whole unit loved them! We got so many compliments on them and requests for other products. They are by far nicer than anything the hospital had ever offered in the way of hospital apparel.

Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center


You are the center of our strategy and design.  We think from the outside in and how we can best serve.  Customer-centricity must always sit at the center of all of our operations – making it not just a model, but a mindset.
We love what we do.  We embrace new challenges with enthusiasm, and deliver what we promise with unexpected value to our clients. 
DEsign & Development
We design from your perspective.  How can we make it easier for you and what can we improve, create, and implement to increase your ROI.
Measure & Feedback
We build whalehook based on your needs.  We measure what matters to you.  We listen, we understand, and we respond.


Tracey Hargett, MBA
Co-Founder, Marketing
John Lee
Co-Founder, Business Development
Pete Omiecinski
Senior Account Executive
Rachel Hargett
Procurement Director
Barry Hearn
Sales Representative
Raleigh, North Carolina
Dave Hettinger
Sales Representative
Virginia Beach, Virginia
William Rose
Sales Representative
Charlotte, North Carolina