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It all starts with a single page.  Using data and expertise, we offer you the best selling items to choose from to make the most of your fundraising venture.  Take those products to the next level with collaboration from our graphics design team and build excitement in your community for years to come.  This is your brand, your team, your school, and your story.  We help you turn possible into real.
Have a logo?  Great!  Need a logo, or want to refresh an existing one?  We've got you.  We help you design, choose, and create what makes you special.
Launch your store to the universe to tell your story, fundraise, promote your brand, school, or team, or all of the above!
Thanks to you, your school or team is connected through your awesome gear, and your organization has continued resources to thrive.
Working together, we serve   THE WHALEHOOK WAY


What do you need, what are you looking for, what do you want... apparel, drinkware, gear, or something new and creative? We’ve got you covered!


Do you have a logo? Do you need new design concepts? Are you looking for something creative to promote your brand, school, or sport? 


After we figure out your wants together, we settle on products, quantities, and pricing.  We'll even throw out suggestions of things here and there that maybe you haven’t even thought of... that’s how we do things! 


We talk art again. If we’ve designed some museum worthy masterpieces for you, we decide what goes where. Two revisions are included. Time is money.


We need your approval every step of the way, just to be sure we’re both on the same page. We want you to love it! The quicker you approve, the quicker we move to the next step. Super easy.


Where the magic happens! We mockup your products and ensure they are perfect for you. And yes, we need an approval here too.


We begin your store construction and send the link over to you for your approval (you saw that coming, right) and then you're off to the races!  Do you need a flyer for promos - we can hook you up.


Once your campaign closes, production has the ball.  Your items are ordered, printed, and shipped to your location. We’ll circle back and make sure you are elated. Then rinse and repeat... let’s do it again!
Step 1
Create & Develop
Step 2
Step 3
Build & Launch
Step 4
Produce & Ship
What if I need a logo ?
You're in luck!  We can design a new logo for you or update an existing logo.  All logos designs and modifications include two revisions - after that, its $25 a revision.
How long does it take to launch a store ?
It depends.  We move as fast as you do, so the quicker we get through each stage of the build, the quicker you can start spreading the word and raising money.  
Why are there so many approvals ?
We want it to be perfect.  We require approvals for order selections, pricing, logo selections, and mockups.  We're all human, and we want to ensure that we're all on the same page every step of the way.
Do you ship to home ?
We only ship direct to location in bulk.  We're happy to provide bags for you to individually package items - just let us know, and we'll include them for you at no cost.
What if my item is backordered ?
We track the availability of backordered items for two weeks.  If an item still becomes unavailable, we automatically process a refund and send it directly to your customer for you.  
Why these items ?
We've built and serviced over 200 stores for schools just like yours!  We've collected data on which items sell the most, which are the most popular, and which items combine quality and value, and hand selected those items to give you the most bang for your buck.  Let our experience work for you.  Quantity IS important - research has shown that 5-8 items per store is the optimal offering.  If you really want to add something else, let's talk about it!
Can I order staff or faculty items ?
Absolutely!  Need a field day shirt?  We got you.  Need thank you gifts, marathon dance shirts, cups, glasses, lanyards, flannel pants, jackets, zip up hoodies, anything at all - we can get it for you!  After all... it's what we do. :-) 
When are credit cards charged on the store ?
Orders are taken throughout the campaign and customers are notified when an order is received.  All credit cards are processed the day following the campaign close date in one batch.
What happens if a payment fails ?
All failed payments are notified via email by the credit card processing company.  whalehook does not have access to any credit card information and cannot re-run a credit card payment.  We understand keystroke errors happen, and therefore, we still fulfill all orders.  We will deduct the failed payment from the profit check, and when your school distributes the item, they will simply collect the check, and keep the payment.   
When do I receive my fundraising monies ?
After all orders have been shipped to the school, we will process a reconciliation to determine your fundraising amount.  We cut you a check, send it off to you, and you can start celebrating your hero status with your school!
Are the new logos mine ?
You betcha!  If you would like to add them to your school website, forms, and newsletters, just let us know and we are happy to send them over in various formats to suit your needs.
Can I open the store again ?
Of course - in fact we encourage it!  We typically open campaigns in the Fall and Spring, adding various new items to compliment the season.  Most of our clients schedule both stores in the Fall, with apparel and start dates pre-determined so it saves time.  Easy Peasy.
How are minimums handled ?
The face masks, tumblers, and water bottles all have minimum required purchases.  We simply deduct what was ordered on the store from the minimum required quantity and invoice you for the rest.  The items are yours to keep, sell, give away, or put on the next store!
What store information do you need to begin ?
We capture most information for the store during the setup process.  The only three things we need during the store build is:  The campaign close date, a short 'blurb' for the OUR STORY section, and any photos you would like to add to the GALLERY section.  
When are items shipped ?
When the campaign closes, orders are pulled and processed.  We order your items, send them to be decorated, and then they are shipped in bulk to your location.  This process typically takes between two to four weeks post campaign close.  
SpiritWear and Fundraising has never been this easy.
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